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The Pulse Gauntlet is the standard defensive sidearm for tactical personnel assigned to the Odyssey Project, (and later to the Space Exploration agencies of the New Commonwealth and the Free Worlds alliance.

The gauntlet fits over the user's forearm, while the business end protrudes over the back of the hand. Gauntlets are usually worn with gloves made from an insulating material to protect the user from blowing off his own knuckles. The gauntlet fires pulses of charged particles -- hence the name. Its charges have a yield of up to one Boom; however, the weapon incorporates a non-lethal (stun) setting that can disrupt a human nervous system, causing ~30 minutes of unconsciousness; providing user time to escape, subdue, or teabag his opponent. The weapon interfaces with tactical Spex to provide precision targeting. It is powered by dual quantum power cells.

The energy output of a gauntlet can be calibrated for multiple yields from mild stun (a.k.a "Child Stun") (which young warfighters have been known to use for pranks) through "Probable Fatality" to "Obliterate."


  • Pulse gauntlets were used on the planet Meridian as a defense against both the Alien Regulators and the Throwbacks. (Book 01- Meridian)
  • Pulse gauntlets were used for Landing Team defense on the planet EdenWorld. (Book 02 - EdenWorld)
  • Pulse gauntlets were used to help the crew of Pegasus escape from Bodicean authorities on the night of the Aurelian Onslaught, and also supplied to the Bodicean Resistance. (Book 03 - Bodicea)
  • Pulse Gauntlets were used in shootouts on the surface of the planet Winter during the attack in the colony pod and aboard the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus to defeat Aurelian Infiltrators. (Book 04 - Winter)
  • Pulse Gauntlets were used in mid-air shoot-outs and ground defense during on the planet Aurora. The Aurorans were not impressed with the weapons and did not attempt to purchase them. (Book 05 - Aurora)
  • Pulse gauntlets were used on the surface of 12 255 Crux II during a battle with unidentified aliens. (Book 06 - Crucible)
  • The warfighters sent to the surface of the planet Yronwode were equipped with pulse gauntlets. (Book 07 - Yronwode)
  • Pulse gauntlets were used to fight space pirates in the Hellfire system and zombies in the Fallon system. (Book 08 - Hellfire)
  • Pulse gauntlets were used to fight the Evacuation Authority's armed guards on the planet Gethsemane. (Book 09 - Gethsemane)
  • Pulse Gauntlets were used by warfighters on the surface of Earth's outer moon against the Aurelian super-monsters, and on the surface of the Earth itself against the SAI's. (Book 12 - Earth)