Ratatosk was a HeavyFast Attack Corvette (Frigate) in service to the Space Fleet of Wolf's Head [1]Colony in the 74th Solar Century.

As a Heavy FAC, Ratatosk ' was a third larger than a standard FAC with a standard crew complement of three hundred and heavier armament.

'Ratatosk survived the Aurelian Attack at Charlemagne and fled with the other surviving ships to rendezvous with the Third Exploring Expedition at Parallax Colony. It became part of the Fleet of Orion and fought in the Battle of Terrastar where it contributed to the destruction of three Aurelian Super-Destroyers. Ratatosk was one of a handful of combat ships that survived the Battle of Terrastar.

Ratatosk was commanded by Captain Dustin Tkachuk and his First Officer Max Estrada, both of Wolf’s Head.Ratatosk 'survived the Battle of Terrastar. It carried a crew of 300.