There are two ships named Red Jacket of significance in the Worlds Apart universe.

1.1.1        Red Jacket – Commonwealth PrivateerEdit

Red jacket was the name of a large, well-armed starship commanded by Keeler (a.k.a. Dead Keeler) Lexington Keeler in the Commonwealth area. Red Jacket working primarily in the Trinity, Monarch, and Shaolin systems of the Capricorn Sector, smuggling persons and good around these and other systems. Through its success in evading Commonwealth patrols, the ship developed a reputation as a renegade.

Red Jacket was captured by the Christian Fleet in the Solar Year 4002, impounded as an illegal vessel, and its crew charged with illegally running weapons to Topanga colony. The Supreme Admiral of the Fleet, General Ziang, gave Keeler and his crew a choice: imprisonment in the Commonwealth penal colony at Ironsides; or putting his ship into service to the Christian Fleet as a scout and blockade runner. Keeler reluctantly accepted the latter deal. Red Jacket subsequently became legendary for its successful actions against the fleets of the Dark Lords Enoch and Nebuchadnezzar as well as the Dark Lady Lilith, and was instrumental in Nebuchadnezzar’s ultimate defeat.

1.1.2              Red Jacket – Eventide Trading ShipEdit

The other Red Jacket was a trading vessel on the ocean-planet Eventide that facilitated trade throughout the ring-shaped archipelago on the dayside of the planet. It was originally a freighter called the Valtrious before being purchased by Bill Keeler from the corrupt and probably insane ship-dealer Shylock of Anchor-Park on Avon. Keeler and his crew subsequently used the ship as a basis for traveling and trading throughout the archipelago as part of their mission to gain access to the Anything Boxes that were the source of all the planet’s wealth. [Worlds Apart Book 10: Eventide]