Regent Orsino of Illyria was the Royal Head of State on the Island of Illyria on the planet Eventide. He was a darkly handsome man who cut quite a figure of manliness until he opened his mouth and out came the high pitched lilting shriek of a man who seldom wears undergarments appropriate to his own sex.

Orsino was in love with Lady Kate Keats, but she didn't love him. Cesario, Cabin Boy of the trading ship Red Jacket under the command of Bill Keeler, was sent on a mission to bring Orsino and Keats together. He failed, and Orsino later fell in love with Helga Lemonkiller, the owner of Benvolio's Tavern. Orsino later rewarded Keeler with a trading contract. [Worlds Apart Book 10: Eventide]