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The Rockatansky Road Warrior is a six-wheeled ground utility vehicle used in the Odyssey Project. It is built by Rockatansky Motor Works Company of Baden Baden Baden, Jutland, Sapphire. Thetruck takes its name from a legendary figure in Earth Mythology, and shares its name with the Jutland Road Warriors professional groundball team.

Description and Specification[]

The Rockatansky Road Warrior is 7.2 meters long, 3.2 meters high, and weighs 10,000 to 12,000 kilograms. It is supported on six wheels arranged equidistantly along its length, mounted on six indepedently-suspended transaxles. Its powerplant is compact Thorium reactor capable of supporting twenty years of continuous operation.

The cab and main compartment are fully enclosed. The rear compartment can be swapped out to support multiple payload modules including transport, cargo, tactical, and various survey packages. In its tactical configuration, twin automated pulse cannons can be mounted on the roof and rapid-fire pulse cannons mounted in front. A multi-spectral scanning dome and sensor interface can be mounted on the roof, as well as a launch pad for reconnaissance drones. Its personnel transport module can carry up to twelve fully armored warfighters or twenty civilian personnel.

The operator cabin contains a standard ground cockpit arrangement, driver on the left, passenger on the right. The front screen can be transparent for visual navigation, or linked to the vehicles sensors to provide a virtual display for operations in environments where visibility is compromised.

The vehicle can operate on a range of surfaces from pavement to dirt to ice, climb a 50% grade, operate in up to two meters of water,


  • Road Warrior S -Standard Version for the Sapphire Military; also sold to other worlds and also private entities who have need for a large, nuclear-powered armored transport to impress people who don't own nuclear powered super-trucks. (They are especially popular among professional athletes and second-tier businessmen).
  • Road Warrior SV - Sumacian Version, designed for use by the Sumacian Order of Warrior-Priests. The SV version is a stripped down model shipped from the factory in Baden Baden Baden to the port at Capitulum on Arcadia's east coast. The Sumacians customize the vehicles to their own needs.  
  • Road Warrior SP - Special Edition developed for the Odyssey Project and subsequent space exploration missions. The Special Edition was redesigned to fit in the cargo bay of an Aves (or Aquila) utility spacecraft and with enhanced sensor capacity and hot-swappable mission modules to support a range of tactical and scientific missions.


  • Rockatansky Road Warriors were used to move armed warfighters around the surface of 12 255 Crux II. (Book 06 - Crucible)