Rosalind Teal was the Kitchen Staff Supervisor of the Keeler estate, charged with preparing meals for the family and overseeing production of meals for the family's guests. (Book 09 Gethsemane)


Rosalind Teal was born in New Cleveland in the Sapphirean Year 7242. She came to be employed by the Keeler family in 7272 after spending the previous decade and a half hitch-hiking around the planet and having adventures that would have scandalized half the planet had they ever seen the light of day. Finally deciding to settle down, she was referred to the Keelers by the Somerset-Chanski family. Arthur Keeler was especially fond of her butter-biscuits.

She was known for her quiet authority and strength. She never had to raise her voice to the kichen staff, her soft spoken words carried the weight of martial orders. Though she seldon participated in debates with the Keelers' guests, she once shut down the Chairman of the USNC's Practical Philosophy Department with six words.

For many years, she carried on a discreet affair with Bill Keeler's butler, Tolkien Xerox.