Sayler Moon was a warfighter assigned to the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. Moon was a Sapphirean, raised in the industrial zones of Jutland Province. He is described as being relatively small (for a Sapphirean) and slight of build (also for a Sapphirean).

Moon was a veteran of landing teams on Meridian, Winter, Aurora, and the infamous EdenWorld beach party and was awarded three Fearless Conduct pins, which were redeemable for merchandise throughout Pegasus’s shopping areas.

  1. On Winter, he had led a search team on a forty-klick hike in hostile weather searching for TyroCommander Redfire.
  1. On EdenWorld, he had retrieved an errant wally-ball from a lagoon where robo-sharks may or may not have been sighted.
  1. On Aurora, he had stood between Prime Commander Keeler and a fully-stocked bar during the departure reception at the Tower of Carnage.

Moon led a tactical detachment to the surface of the second planet of the 12 255 Crux system. (Book 06: Crucible