Scipio is a human colony in the Perseus Sector of the Perseus Quadrant, located in the binary system 82 464 Circinus. It is among the oldest colonies in the Perseus Quadrant, settled by refugees from the Scorpio Sector of the Old Commonwealth in the 36th Solar Century. It is located only 40 light years from Perseus Prime (Argos), which was the Seat of the Commonwealth Government and primary base for exploration of the quadrant.


Scipio is a warm planet with six major continental land masses divided by shallow seas. Vast reaches of the planet are arid or desertified; mostly uninhabited except for a few wandering bands of nomads. Population centers are primarily along the fertile areas near the seas. The northern and southern polar regions are more temperate. Northern areas are notable for long grassy savannahs and fertile river valleys that serve as the planet’s primary farmlands. The southern polar region is mountainous, and is the only area where snow accumulates. The planet has minimal axial tilt, thus, there are no seasonal variations in climate. The planet is also noted for the diversity of its wildlife.

Demography in CultureEdit

Over 300 nations and principalities divide the land area of Scipio, most of which are governed by hereditary ruling families. There is a united planetary council and assembly that meets in Tyrnas Magnum, where three rivers meet and three cities stand, forming the largest metroplex on the planet. The Council's powers are limited to representing the planet in interstellar affairs and advising the principal governments. Each nation and principality is essential sovereign. Some of them are relatively open, while others are despotic.

The planet varies widely in technological development. Since joining the New Commonwealth of the Galaxy, Scipio's large cities have been brought up to standard levels of galactic development. Some areas in the hinterlands have rejected development in favor of traditional lifestyles.

The planet's population is approximately 400,000,000. Scipio was the homeworld of Prime Commander Solomon Kosko of the FAC Tyrnas Magnum.