Scout was attractive, if you like women with pixyish upturned noses, breasts that put one pleasantly in the mind of citrus fruit, and the ability to fix pretty much any machine known to man. (Book Six: Crucible)

Scout was a Sapphirean female Technician First Class on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus, later promoted to Engineering Specialist and then Lieutenant Engineer.

Scout was a member of Commander Bill Keeler's landing party on EdenWorld colony, where she helped reactivate an ancient robot (George Borrows Things). (Book Two: Edenworld).

Technician Scout led the refit of Pegasus's Tactical Rapid Analysis Laboratory. She was part of the team that helped restore the systems to the battle-damaged Pathfinder Ship Lexington Keeler. She became the paramour of Engineering Lieutenant Commander Carlyle Duke and remained on Lexington Keeler when Pegasus's crew split at the end of Book Six. (Book Six, Crucible)