Shea Herrald is Tactical Specialist and Warfighter serving aboard the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus, a Sapphirean with a wrestler’s build and tawny curls of honey-colored hair. He enjoys being naked.

Early LifeEdit

Shea Herrald was born and spent most of his childhood in the suburbs of Teague, an industrial city in Pegasus’s Jutland Province. His mother was chosen for the Odyssey Project and trained as a Logistics Technician. Her selection allowed his father to join the crew also, and he trained as a Flight Technician. Shea and his brother Jayhawk boarded Pegasus as young teens. Shea was drawn to the Tactical Core, his brother to the Technical Core.

Herrald is believed to be a favorite of Warmaster Kitaen.

Book 06Edit

Herrald is part of the warfighter squad sent to the surface of 12 2555 Crux II, where he engages in combat with alien ground forces.

Book 08Edit

Herrald was aboard the Aves Amy when it crashed on an island on the surface of the planet Fallon. By the second day, he was running around naked and hunting wild game with a spear. He and Kyle Atlantic woke up naked and in bed together for reasons that are not clear and probably should stay that way.

Book 09Edit

Herrald participated in the evacuation of children from the doomed planet of Gethsemane. In particular, he was part of a search and rescue team assigned to Mariah Beach.

Book 11Edit

Herrald was part of the Task Force sent to the surface of Parallax Colony to take control of its orbital defense systems. Herrald later accompanied General Kitaen to visit David Alkema and serve him drugged tea.