Sotheby Sweet. She was originally from the south coast of Sapphire's Arcadia Territory... Sweet had a fabulous body, with firm, round, more-than-a-handful-is-wasted-sized breasts and thick auburn hair setting off eyes as green as a cat's. Her voice was husky, with a bit of a drawl that got a rise out of most men even when she was saying something like, “The BrainCore Nexus is intact, but it's empty. There's all kind of data and capabilities here, but apart from defensive systems and life support, everything is blank.”


Sotheby Sweet was a Sapphirean Specialist who served on board the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus as a Braincore specialist. She was part of team that left Starlock Chapultepec to explore the Chronos Starlock on board the Aves Prudence, along with Flight Lieutenant Matthew Driver, Cadet Trajan Lear, and Navigator Zim. She and Zim did not return, for reasons Driver and Lear were quite vague about. (Book Five: Aurora)