Swansong is a well-populated colony in the Columba Sector, recharted by the Pathfinder Ship Odyssey in the 72nd Solar Century. Its surface contains two large continents, Swan-Vesta and Song, each claimed by a different nation-state. The Swanvestans and the Singers have a long history of warfare and hostility, and only came to an accommodation after long negotiations with the New Commonwealth; which they subsequently joined. The planet still maintains two countries and two governmental capitals, Augustana (Swan-Vesta) and Archippus (Song).

Swansong participates in the exploration and defense of the New Commonwealth, its inhabitants serving in the crews of Explorer, Defender, and Supply ships. Swansong has commissioned a pair of fast attack corvettes for service in the Commonwealth Galactic Fleet; one crewed by Singers, one by Swan-Vestians. Both were destroyed during tactical operations in the Orion Quadrant. Memorials for their respective crews were built in the two capitals.