Terpsichore is a planet of four hundred million human colonists orbiting a double sun in the Triangulum Sector.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Terpsichore occupied the fifth orbit out from its twin suns. It is a warm planet with extensive desert regions. The presence of two large oceans helps moderate the climate and provides for extensive zones of plant and animal life at the margins of its three continents. The interiors of these continents are mostly deserts. The planet has one very large moon and another moon that is much smaller and much closer, such that they appear to be the same size from the planet’s surface.

History and CultureEdit

Terpsichore was the first planet to be surveyed and colonized in the Triangulum Sector of the Perseus Quadrant. The first survey, by an automated survey ship, took place in the 35th Century. An outpost was established in the 37th Century, but due to ongoing wars and rumors of war in the Orion and Centaurus Quadrant, little colonization activity took place for the next 300 years.

During the period between the End of the Crusades and the Great Silence, Terpsichore was a major base for colonization activities in both the Perseus and Carina Quadrants. Many expeditions either launched from or resupplied at Terpsichore. (As a result, when Terpsichore was recharted by the Pathfinder Ship Odyssey in the 72nd Solar Century, it had valuable records and star charts that enabled lost colony systems to be rapidly rediscovered and charted).

While most of Terpsichore’s people are well-civilized and have assimilated well into the New Commonwealth, there are several nomadic tribes who inhabit the desert regions and are said to be quite violent and savage.

Terpsichore was a major base of operations for the Alliance and the Commonwealth during the Second Aurelian War. It was the Home Base of the combined Task Force that took part in the final battle against the Aurelians in the Second Aurelian War. (Book 11: Charlemagne )

Terpsichore has had a unified planetary Government since the age of colonization, which is seated in the planet’s largest city Xanadu. (There were several civil wars during the Great Silence, but they all ultimately resulted in a change of planetary government and not a division.) At the time of its discovery, the planet had reasonable advanced energy, communication, and transportation networks but was not spacefaring. The large bases on its outer moon, Chthon were rehabilitated and used for fleet operations during the Second Aurelian War, and are still used as bases of operation for the ships of the New Commonwealth. The Terpsichore system has been restored in its historical role.