Thucydides "Thus" Antonides was a native of the planet Bella La Cava and commander of the Defender ship Axiom of Force. (Worlds Apart Book 12: Earth) He was a male human of 1.83 meters in height, with red hair and blue eyes, and a rugged build. He had a scar near his left eye that he had never had removed. He was a fan of the sport of Jasrata, a form of team kick-boxing popular on his home planet. 


Thus Antonides was born in the badlands of the planet Bella La Cava. By the age of 14, he was already a member of a criminal gang and had participated in multiple acts of vandalism, arson, and robbery. At age 15, he was taken into the custody of the Outland Trackers and taken to the city of Denskova for Katharsis (TM) treatment; a process patenteted by the Traxx Police Corporation for the conversion of juvenile offenders 

After a successful rehabilitation, Antonides joined Traxx as a Tracker, and by the age of 21 was the leader of his own enforcement squad. He received extensive training in tactics, weapons, and piloting skycopters. At the age of 28, he left Traxx to sign up with the Space Exploration Consortium. After receiving training at the Consortium Academy (Bella La Cava), he was assigned to Axiom of Force as Chief of Security. 

Anotnides distinguished himself during two Exploring Expeditions into the Ara Sector; rescuing a ground team from a firestorm on the planet Hellas, and saving (most of) the crew of Axiom after the ship was invaded by craniovores. On the ship's third Ex. Ex. into the Triangulum Sector, he was promoted to Executive Officer and married his wife, Kalinda Mayhew of Guelph colony. At the completion of that expedition, Commander Shetland transferred. She wanted to remain in the Perseus Sector, and the ship's fourth tour was assigmed to the Orion Sector. At age 42, he became commander of Axiom of Force. 

Antonides was in command of Axiom of Force during the Attack at the Charlemagne Starlock. The ship survived the assault and became part of the Fleet of Orion . (WA Book 11: Charlemagne )  

Antonides was killed in the Battle of Terrastar when his ship collided with an Aurelian Destroyer.