Truth Amberlamps (not her real name) was an engineer on the Fast Attack Corvette "Fighting Mongoose" She was a native of the planet Aneirin. She was recruited to the crew by Captain Eric Woden when his ship called on the Starlock Chapultepec. Although she appears to be an adolescent girl, she is in fact in the equivalent of her mid-thirties, She is notoriously foul-mouthed and Ill-tempered. (Book 11 - Charlemagne)


Tru Amberlamps grew up in a poor neighborhood of Catterick, an industrial city on the Clyde River. Catterick produced inexpensive consumer goods of moderate quality, primarily for export. Amberlamps hitched a ride on an orbital tether and stowed away on a freighter/transport that brought her to the Sapphire system, where she debarked at the Loki orbital docklands.  She was able to secure work as a hostess on a Bodicean liner. She spent three solar years on the ship, learning about ship's systems from the engineering crew in her spare time, before being expelled at Chapultepec after a physical altercation with the ship's Lead Passenger Service Officer.  As an unattached person, the Commonwealth Authorities on Chapultepec Station issued a removal order, requiring her to return to her planet of origin. Instead, Captain Woden offered her a berth on Fighting Mongoose as an engineering apprentice.