Tsi was a Xirong Chieftein who lived on the planet Yronwode in the 69th Solar Century. Tsi was an anti-Theist, who did not believe in the Allbeing, and convinced the people of his tribe that the cause of all of their misery and deprivation were the Redeemers; the non-Xirong missionaries who went to the Prison Planet Yronwode to save the souls of the Xirong. He stoked their resentments into a rabid hatred of the Redeemers. He used the hatred to unite several bands of Xirong into a single tribe and led them in a war against the Redeemers. In a war that lasted forty years, until his death from a deadly venereal disease, he killed thousands of Redeemers, drove them from the cities they shared with the Xirong, and wiped out many of their settlements.

In his honor, the most radical of the Xirong call themselves ‘Tsi Bai,’ meaning, Tsi’s People.

- Worlds Apart Book 07