Technician Warwick Fangboner was a Republicker who served on board the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus.

Technician Fangboner was part of the repair crew sent to the Pathfinder Ship Lexington Keeler in the 12 255 Crux system. (Book Six: Crucible)

By the time period of Book 11, Fangboner had been promoted to Lieutenant and served as one of Pegasus's Bridge Officers.

Technician Warwick Fangboner is a member of the crew of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus, where he serves in the Technical Core. He is described as a tall Republicker with carroty hair and an angular chin.


Early LifeEdit

Fangboner was born in Republic’s City of Endeavor. He had a talent for mathematics that was recognized early in life, and he was tracked to work as a statistician. As a teenager, he discovered an aptitude for working with Cynbernetics Systems, and after much effort, was given permission to study systems engineering instead. He received an Engineering Certification from the Institute for Advanced Engineering in the City of Endeavor. He applied to and was accepted to the Odyssey program on the basis of his high aptitude and test scores.

Book 06Edit

Technician Fangboner assisted Technician Scout and Carylyle Duke in restoring the ship’s systems and the command center. He opted to remin with Pegasus when many other Republickers relocated to Lexington Keeler.

Book 09Edit

Fangboner assisted Lt. Anaconda Rook in overseeing the evacuation of children from the doomed planet of Gethsemane.

Book 11Edit

By Book 11, Fangboner had been promoted to lieutenant and was serving on the Main Bridge of Pegasus as the Systems and Operations officer.