Winter was an inhabitant of the planet EdenWorld. She was a resident of the planet's Farside, the hemisphere which was in darkness for 252 hours of each of the planet's rotations. She was the nominal leader of the village of Green Witch, which was a refugee camp for slaves who had escaped from the planet's dayside.

Winter was a former slave who had escaped from the Dayside when her master was killed in a slave uprising. She led a group of her fellow slaves to freedom on the Farside. (Book Two: EdenWorld )

Winter also was a lycanthrope, capable of shifting into a wolf-life form. Lycanthropes were used by the slave-masters on EdenWorld to guard and keep their slaves.

TyroCommander Redfire met and mated with Winter, producing a pair of offspring who subsequently led a planet-wide slave uprising and revolution. (Book Five: Aurora )