Wyatt Icedog was a Medical Technician who served on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. Icedog participated in the evacuation of Gethsemane Colony.  (Book 09 - Gethsemane)


Wyatt Icedog was born in the Sapphirean Year 7279 in the city of New Sapporo on Sapphire's Boreala Continent. His father was veterinary biologist, who helped to sustain the herds of woolly beasts that subsisted on Boreala's grassy plains. His mother was a healer in the city. When his parents were selected for the Odyssey Project, he joined the mission along with his two sisters, younger brother and their dog Pyotr. They were assigned to the crew of Pegasus in 7290. 

Wyatt Icedog undertook medical technician and warfighter training on-board Pegasus with an eye toward becoming a combat field medic. He achieved those goals six years intp the Pegasus  mission, while the ship was at the Chanticleer Starlock in the Orion Quadrant. He was the last person to see the ship's original Medical Core Chief ... Daisy Reagan ... alive and recorded her final words, which were, "Well, this sucks."

Wyatt Icedog and his family remained with Pegasus while the ship was refitted at Charlemagne Starlock and survived the Aurelian attack on the station. He was also present at the Battle of Terrastar, where he tended to Pegasus's wounded.

Subsequent to the Battle of Terrastar, he married a Gethsemanian girl, bore two children with her, and succeeded John Peterman Skinner as Pegasus's Chief of Medical Core.